About Us

Recovery is the philosophy that underpins
our approach to mental distress experiences



inside out is a respected provider of
mental health consultancy services
across a range of agencies and services


Customised Training

All of our training is co-designed
and co-developed consistent with
recovery-oriented approaches.


Public Events & Workshops

All our events aim to promote creative,
inclusive and hopeful responses
to mental distress



Watch out for our new series of
Webinars coming in 2017


inside out is an organisation committed to providing opportunities to better understand the experience of extreme states and of mental distress and what this means for people experiencing distress as well as family, community and service system responses to supporting people through these experiences.

inside out draws on diverse perspectives about the nature of mental distress, believing that being open to a range of perspectives and ways of making sense of these experiences leads to more creative, inclusive and hopeful responses.

Our events are open to anyone interested in mental health and recovery, regardless of background, training and experience. We believe that more helpful responses to those experiences labeled as ‘mental illness’ or ‘mental distress’ require authentic dialogue and real collaboration between all of us affected by these experiences. This includes those directly affected (people with lived experience), families and friends, community and mental health workers, advocates, doctors and psychiatrists and the community as a whole.

Upcoming Events

Check out the eCPR workshops and Making Sense forums with Daniel Fisher in Sydney and Melbourne in July 2017. Daniel will be joined by some other great speakers! Click here for more details or click on the flyer images above. Hope to see you there!