What you may not know about antipsychotics

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The National Mental Health Consumer and Carer Forum (NMHCCF), along with researchers from Curtin University launched A Critical Literature Review of the Direct, Adverse Effects of Neuroleptics (also known as antipsychotics) and an accompanying booklet What You May Not Know About Antipsychotics – A Guide for People Taking Antipsychotics and their Supporters on 30th August at the TheMHS Conference in Sydney.

Lyn English, Co-Chair of the NMHCCF says that the literature review and booklet are the result of concerns that many people prescribed antipsychotics, their families and supporters are unaware of the adverse effects associated with their use, or the poor evidence underpinning their use. The aim of the review is to provide information on neuroleptic drugs (antipsychotics) so people can make truly informed choices – an opportunity all too often denied those with psychiatric diagnoses.

The literature review looks at the history of neuroleptic drugs, the efficacy, prescribing, and long-term use of neuroleptics, adverse effects, withdrawal and discontinuation, and alternative approaches. It highlights that the role of psychiatric drugs will be different for each person and provides information that can assist people in the process of making informed decisions according to their unique situation and experiences. The booklet provides straightforward information about antipsychotic drugs, how they work, the risks they carry and alternate approaches to managing psychosis, as well as useful additional resources for those wanting more information.

These are much needed resources that have the potential to change the conversation about antipsychotics and support people to make decisions according to their individual needs and in the interests of their own recovery process. Click on the links below to download copies.

A Critical Literature Review of the Direct, Adverse Effects of Neuroleptics

What you may not know about antipsychotics