Our Philosophy

Recovery is a philosophy that underpins our understanding of, and responses to, mental distress. Recovery shifts our focus from a purely biological and medical understanding of mental illness to a broader understanding, which accommodates diverse perspectives about the nature of extreme psychological and emotional experiences and mental distress. Being open to these diverse perspectives and ways of making sense of these experiences leads to more creative, inclusive and hopeful responses, and examples of these are evident all over the world.

Examples include:

  • mutual support and self help networks
  • peer run services
  • consumer led programs
  • trauma informed approaches and services, and
  • holistic responses to psychosis

At the basis of all these approaches is a deep respect for the knowledge that comes from lived experience, the recognition that these experiences are part of what it means to be fully human and that there are pathways through distress and extreme states.

It is our intention that all of inside out’s events, workshops and forums will be based upon this philosophy and will contribute to the development of more helpful and effective understandings of, and responses to mental distress.

Feel free to contact us with any suggestions or ideas regarding events and speakers at info@insideoutconversations.com.au.

Our Team

inside out consists of a growing number of employees and associates from Australia and overseas who bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to our project delivery, workshops and events. We work closely with project coordinators, consultants, facilitators, peer mentors and supervisors, guest speakers and trainers, to curate experiences grounded in diversity and relevant expertise.

inside out & associates is co-directed by Sandy Watson and Kath Thorburn, both of whom have extensive experience in teaching, writing, direct service/support provision, and advocating for mental health system change in a range of roles and capacities.