Consumer Perspective Supervision Training 2024

The department intends to fund more CPS training to be delivered in 2024 and are working through procurement processes to engage Inside Out for further training courses.

Communication regarding opportunities and training dates will be sent out as soon as we have contracts in place.

Any consumer workers from within Victoria, who applied for the training between July 2022 and July 2023 and were not offered a place, or have made an inquiry about CPS training in the last 2 years, will be advised via email of any updates regarding courses. When contracts are finalised we will also update this webpage and upload relevant course information such as the CPS course calendar and Expression of Interest information. We keep a mailing list of people who have made inquiries and people who applied but missed out on a place.

We thank you for your support and interest in Consumer Perspective Supervision training and wish you the very best for 2024.

Overview & background

The Consumer Perspective Supervision (CPS) Training Delivery Project commenced in June 2020, with the roll out of the first CPS training in Victoria. This project followed on from the CPS Training Development Project, completed in 2019, which involved extensive consultations within Victoria to identify training needs for consumer perspective supervisors, supervisees, and managers/workers/interested others. A curriculum for Consumer Perspective Supervisors was developed, and due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a fully online version successfully developed and delivered.

The training aims to build discipline-specific Consumer Perspective Supervision capability and capacity in Victoria, to build capacity to provide CPS to the consumer/peer workforce. (CPS, because it is discipline specific, is not designed to be provided to the non-peer workforce, such as clinicians and non-peer managers).

The CPS course is written and facilitated by peer/consumer/lived experience leaders, supervisors and educators, most of whom are based in Victoria. In addition to the workshops, small group co-reflection sessions are a component of the course built in as a co-learning support for training participants, provided by people with extensive experience in mental health peer/consumer/lived/living experience work.


      If you would like further information please contact Sandy Watson:

      CPS Resources
      Consumer Perspective Supervision Resources

      We have included a range of Consumer Perspective Supervision (CPS) resources. CPS is a new and emerging discipline, and there is a growing need for more resources in this field to add to the foundational Consumer Perspective Supervision Framework (2018). We have included, with permission, a varied sample of CPS student course work.  Please respect their copyright and feel free to contact them if you would like to. We can put you in touch if their details are not included.

      For Carer/Family Lived and Living Experience Workers in Victoria.

      inside out & associates often receives inquiries from Carer/Family Lived & Living Experience workers about supervision training, so we have included the Carer Perspective Supervision Framework, (2020), for your information, since we can’t provide supervision training to this group. We recommend you contact Tandem about Carer Perspective Supervision training opportunities.


      For anyone seeking a consumer or carer supervisor.

      If you are looking for a consumer or carer supervisor, please go to the Consumer and Family Carer Perspective Supervision Database, which has a listing of available supervisors, with information about their experience and fees. This database is hosted by the Centre for Mental Health Learning.