Established in 2011, inside out & associates australia has emerged from its founders’ extensive experience in the mental health sector, representing a valuable combination of:

  • lived experience of mental distress and recovery and the intentional use of this experience to advocate, educate and transform
  • family/carer experience and the intentional use of this to advocate, educate and transform
  • systemic advocacy, community liaison and development, and service delivery across a range of settings
  • education, consultation and research experience

In addition, inside out’s approach to all of its work is one of co-creation – that all projects at every phase are co-designed, co-developed, co-facilitated, co-produced, and co-evaluated by consultants who bring a combination of the above perspectives, and with lived perspectives upheld as a crucial key to better understanding and responding to mental distress and its impacts.

inside out is a respected provider of mental health consultancy services with experience working with a range of providers including:

  • NSW Ministry of Health
  • Victorian Department of Health and Human Services
  • Mental Health Australia
  • Recovery Colleges
  • Partners in Recovery Consortiums
  • The National Mental Health Commission
  • Headspace
  • the Forensic Hospital NSW
  • the Mental Health Review Tribunal
  • public mental health services

inside out has worked with these (and other) organisations to assist them to support peer endeavours and promote approaches that are recovery-oriented and co-created. In essence, these approaches are based in consumer self-determination and self-management, connectedness and citizenship. This is in line with the most contempoary approaches in mental health around the world.

Current projects:

  • Alternatives to Suicide in NSW
  • Suicide Prevention Outreach Team Co-design
  • Consumer Perspective Supervision
  • Support for Lived Experience/Consumer Perspective Supervisors
  • Suicide Prevention for Peer Workers

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The inside out team have been at the forefront of excellence in mental health education in Australia, as they bring extensive knowledge, skill and commitment to the authentic sharing of lived and clinical experience. This expertise has been invaluable in the development of our Peer Mentoring Program, the training of educators for our new Recovery College and other educational initiatives in our Local Health District.

Jo SommerSouth Eastern Sydney LHD