The inside out team have significant experience in the development of educational programs for a range of organisations and services. All of our training is developed through a process of co-design where every phase is co-produced by consultant educators who bring a combination of lived perspectives and a range of experience in the mental health field. Central to our approach is that lived experience of mental distress is recognised as a crucial key to better understanding and responding to mental distress and its impacts. This is in line with the most contemporary approaches in mental health around the world.


Some examples of our customised training include:

  • The development of a training program for South Eastern Sydney Recovery College Educators to enhance their capacity to co-produce and co-facilitate a range of workshops for peers and workers. This was the first specific training developed for Recovery College peer and worker educators in the eastern states, and it is now a regular workshop on the Recovery College program. The training has since also been provided to Discovery College trainers at Headspace in Victoria. In all cases the workshops have been evaluated highly by participants contractors.
  • inside out has co-produced training for a number of organisations including Partners in Recovery (PIR), the Forensic Hospital, Mum’s and Kids Matter Wesley Mission, Uniting Recovery, and various Local Health District Mental Health Services, with the aim to enhance their ability to support people in their recovery, promoting self-determination, self-management, connectedness and citizenship. A number of the participants have been mental health peers (consumers and carers). Pre- and post-evaluations of these programmes have demonstrated positive changes in knowledge, skills and attitudes.
  • inside out has designed and delivered workshops and mentoring sessions for peer workers employed in both local health districts and non-government organisations with the aim to support them to develop the knowledge and skills to be confident and effective in their roles, in the context of a service where peer presence was a new concept, and peer ways of working were new to most staff. All sessions have been highly evaluated.
  • inside out has experience in the development of written materials for a range of purposes including learning manuals for postgraduate education, online learning and apps. Most recently inside out provided content development for an app which is being developed to enable people with lived experience to self-manage and resolve the broad range of issues and challenges that affect them.
  • In 2012, inside out was awarded a grant by the Macquarie Foundation to design and implement a community mental health awareness project based around the concept of recovery with a view to enhancing community responses to people experiencing mental distress. This project was highly evaluated and resulted in a set of postcards designed to engage the community around key recovery elements including hope, connection, agency, meaning and purpose.

inside out deliver intelligent, insightful programs that draw upon professional and lived experience perspectives with humour and sensitivity. They are passionate, engaging and informed trainers: evidently highly skilled in responding to diverse audiences, on myriad complex issues of contemporary mental health practice. inside out bring a genuinely unique perspective to their training sessions, backed up by an astounding wealth of knowledge and experience. We couldn’t make any higher recommendation (and would love to work with them again!).

Tori BellHeadspace YEPP


inside out routinely evaluates all programs and events and takes pride in consistently receiving excellent feedback on the quality of our content, delivery and outcomes.